Really Really Long Sakura Con 2002 Review!
By Shawna Mauchline

Thursday Night:

After returning from our Metaphysical class me and Mandy were determined to get the rest of our shit together and go to sleep early, so we packed the rest of the last minute things and put the suitcases and what not out in the living room. We then ate something so that I wouldn't wake up starving like I sometimes do….I swear my stomach is a bottomless pit. So we were lying there in our beds, watching The Frighteners in order to fall asleep and I managed to drift off for about an hour I think. But then I woke up.


Because I had gotten a song stuck in my head, I have no idea where it came from but it just popped in and I had to share this with my sister. So I leaned down from my bunk and hissed at her, no movement. So I chucked my teddy bear at her (yes I have a bear….stop laughing. It's the color of Vashies eyes. His name is Mr.Moofy) She woke up and gave me that pissed off look that hamsters give you when you poke them, I then told her that I had a very odd song in my head.

"Do you remember that episode of Rescue Rangers? The one with the cult of rats that dunk themselves in soda?"
"I have their crappy song stuck in my head!"
"Come on along, you belong! Feel the fizz of Koo-Koo-Kola!"
*more silence*
"Holy FUCKING SHIT! I just realized that that's the KKK!!!!"

So we laughed for a good 10 minutes about that, then our conversation drifted to other more important matters. "Why did those rats dunk themselves in soda anyways??" "I dunno, maybe it got them off?" "Why did they go the colors of the soda?" "No idea, but that had to be some damn strong soda if it was dying their skin!" (on a side note I would like to mention that me and my sister still don't know how the rest of that song went, Mandy just theorized that it would go something like 'nanana black rats can't drink our soda!!'!)

Anyways, after that it was obvious we were not going back to sleep. So we got up, it was about 2:15am. We went into the kitchen and got some bagels and milk and sat in front of the T.V. to watch porn chat commercials. Now this may sound a little odd, watching porn ads in the morning but its really funny because all of the women on those things used to be men, I swear to god! One time they had this she-male who was sitting so it looked like she had no bottom half on her legs!!! It is very amusing at 2:00 in the morning.

By then we decided to shower and get ready for the lovely 4-hour drive to Seattle, so we did. I'm not going into detail about that you filthy perverts! ^_^

Onto Friday Morning my little Monkey!!